Beginning a new portrait - Natascha D

The great thing about working so much on getting the sketch right in your previous portrait is that the next one is much easier the first time. Here is a new sketch for a portrait painting of my good friend Natascha. I hope that her peaceful and luminous presence comes across in the finished painting. 

This week - Pen n' Ink with watercolor

This has ben another fun week of painting. I did a quick pen n' ink with watercolor painting of a runway model I captured on film last fall in New York. It's been a long time since I did something in mixed media. Shall I do more? 


In other news, I've entered two of my paintings (Scarlet Over Cotuit Bay and Winter Afternoon Light on the Charles River) in Galatea Fine Art's New England Collective VII art show. The deadline for submission is July 10, so I have to wait a bit now. Now to do another portrait painting.

The 2nd stage of my Anne J painting

I am happy with the way things are going. I discovered that painting a wash of crimson over a teal green yields a lovely color. The background will hopefully evoke something about the subject when the painting is finished. Now it's time to have fun working in the shades and some, not all, lines of the hair.


Painting portraits

After the successful sale of my Tim and the Calm After the Storm, I am moving on to doing some portrait painting. This is by far the most challenging paintings to get right. I will post pictures of my latest in progress. Welcome to my blog!